About Us

Welcome to PotGardener.com, your home for everything related to houseplants and indoor gardening. Our mission is to inspire and educate people about the joys and benefits of incorporating plants into their living spaces, creating a healthier and more beautiful environment in the process.

PotGardener.com was founded by Christopher “Chris” Evans, a houseplant specialist and enthusiast who turned his passion for plants into a thriving online platform. With years of experience in the world of indoor gardening, Chris has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he now shares with others through PotGardener.com.

Our team at PotGardener.com is committed to providing you with the best information, resources, and products to help you succeed in your indoor gardening journey. From plant care guides to innovative gardening tools, we pride ourselves on offering everything you need to create your perfect indoor oasis.

Meet our Founder – Christopher “Chris” Evans

Age: 28

Location: Portland, Oregon

Hobbies: Gardening, hiking, and botany

Chris, a Portland native, has always been drawn to the beauty and complexity of plants. His passion for gardening led him to become a houseplant specialist and eventually start PotGardener.com. In his free time, Chris enjoys tending to his personal plant collection, exploring local hiking trails, and studying plant biology.

Join us on our mission to bring the wonder of nature into every home. Welcome to PotGardener.com!